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The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is a one of a kind assessment that gives you a clear view of who you are in reality. Not who others see you. It is as if you are holding a mirror to your perceptions, thoughts, leadership styles, behaviors, etc. It is an attitudinal assessment and not a personality test. It does not label you or put you in a category with a group of other people.

The ELI is personalized to who you are and how you view the world.

The ELI gives you a baseline to your current performance, engagement in life, and your situation in general.

This is an eye opener and a life changer point where you will gain a realization from the ELI process and the debrief that will change how you view the world. You will be debriefed by an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and coached on how to help yourself to a higher level of performance.

Why Should You Take The ELI Assessment

  • How to find the one thing that affects your overall engagement in life?
  • Where in your life, your career are you settling for good enough?
  • What are your patterns or tendencies that holds you back from achieving your best?
  • Where are you playing at your best? What are your deepest strengths?
  • How to get rid of good enough?
  • This is the ultimate stress test: Learn what patterns control your stress.
  • How to find your unique leader style?
  • What is your Audere-Factor in life that helps enable success for you?
  • How understand the patterns that holds you to succeed?
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