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What is Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Intelligence?

Know The Difference & How Those Two Intelligence Can Change Your Live!

Start To Know Them...

Annoying, Stupid, Delusional, Selfish, No One, Weak, Pathetic!
Have you ever heard people say those words about you? Or even someone say in your face: “Anyone but her/him!”, “Going nowhere!”, “Wanna be!”

Insecure, Lost, Hopeless, Worthless, Helpless, Unwanted, Ambitionless!
Have you ever said those words about yourself internally?

If you have gone through either experience, you are then going through the pain of not truly knowing your interpersonal or intra-personal capabilities because you have defined yourself according to other people’s words as well as your own interpretation and perception of those harsh words.

Interpersonal Intelligence deals with the strategic interaction among individuals, communication styles, relationship dynamics, etc., whether it is in an intimate relationship or in an organization. This is why sometimes people say: “you are people smart!” It is your ability to understand and relate to others and you know how to pick up on emotions and concerns of those around you!

Intrapersonal Intelligence deals with the strategic interaction within yourself, your thoughts, your inner communication patterns, your emotions inducers, and your self-discipline. This is why people sometimes say: “you are very self aware!” It’s your ability to understand your strengths, weaknesses, limiting beliefs, interpretations, and assumptions. Do you find yourself spending a lot of time reflecting on things and tuning into your inner feelings and become aware that you are interpreting, assuming, and sabotaging yourself?

Human psychology affects the way we interact internally and externally on many levels. If you are a person who perceives the world as a conflict zone will stay in a conflict mode until you realize that it’s been trouble all along. Your thoughts of constant conflict affect how you interact with yourself and with those around you. That is why relationships suffer, obesity appears, and neuroses start. If you are a person who perceives everyone’s words as double meaning with a hurtful intention, you will always feel victimized and not loved enough. Here, depression sinks in, isolation, and blame becomes prevalent behavior. These are only two examples from a spectrum of perceptions of the world around you. The dynamics of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal intelligence produce your life story!

Are you aware of how you think and how you interact with the world around you?

Do you know how your thoughts and inner conversations affect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual WELLBEING, as well as how it affects your perception of the world around you?

This is why we have so many problems and misunderstandings when we communicate less effectively and when we let our inner conversations run amok!!

Why are we talking about the Intrapersonal Intelligence and about inner conversations? Because our Interpersonal actions depend on our Intrapersonal dynamics!

Discover your Intra-personal and Interpersonal Intelligence with Amina Hedayat. Your total WELBEING depends on it.